My Korean Kraze

The start of my personal Korean craze began on my last year in college due to the influence of a good friend. I considered watching the series (especially Meteor Garden when it was at the peak of its popularity) a complete waste of time. I always see the protagonist crying about some lost love or people slapping each other, and it seemed too melodramatic for my tastes.

My good influencer friend was also my thesis mate, and it was during one of our overnight sessions at her house that I watched my first Korean movie, “My Sassy Girl.” I found it nice, and it sparked an interest in me, but only because movies were shorter than series, and I could spare two hours for that.

On another overnighter, we started watching the series, “My Girl.” I instantly had a Korean crush, and I was hooked on the story. When we were finalizing our thesis, we stayed for a weekend at her house and completed another drama, “Snow Queen.” From that time on, I would borrow a series to watch at home, from “Goong” to “Full House.”

After graduating, we seldom met and I stopped watching. I’m not sure how I started again, but I did. This time, I would borrow from whomever or watch through online streaming (which is such a hassle). Eventually, I had dreams of going to Korea to see the filming locations, see the culture, and eat samgyeopsal.

That dream became a reality when a promo came up for a flight to Incheon. My friends and I grabbed it, and I started planning the trip even though our departure was more than 6 months away. We went, we came back, and I am missing it.

There’s just something about Korea that’s so different (history meets the future). I don’t think of living there (unlike Taiwan), but I dream of going back every season (especially autumn and winter). On our bus ride to the airport for our return to Manila, I just stared out the window and imagine a tear falling because I was already missing the place. It’s something that can’t be described, but has to be experienced personally.

My next posts will be all about our trips once I have time to compose them. =D Korea, I am missin’ you. Link below is our ‘theme song’ for the trip. Lol.


~ by rach124jc on September 16, 2012.

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