Beautiful Bohol (Days 1 and 2)

I was struck by the beauty of Bohol even while we were still on the plane. I have a habit of looking out at the clouds and eventually the land and sea during the ride. Usually, when I go to the province, I see more brown than green. But for Bohol, everything was green (trees and grass). But we’ll delve into that later. I’ll just let the pictures and descriptions speak for themselves.


View of the Chocolate (Mint for now?) Hills

Day 1/Arrival

We booked the midmorning flight so we arrived at Tagbilaran around 4pm. After checking in at the hotel, we went to the Island City (IC) Mall to buy pasalubong and relax a bit. We had dinner at Rai Rai Ken before heading to Loboc to watch a mini concert.

The concert is done every Friday and Saturday night at the Loboc Tourism Area. The performers are elementary and high school scholars working to be able to go to college. Their show was actually amazing and I loved the songs (movie themes, jazz, ballads, etc). I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them because they played for more than an hour straight with no intermission, but their performance made me wish I was sitting at a candlelit table for two chilling with a boyfriend or close friend. 🙂 Lol.


Some of the students.

Day 2

Our second day saw us getting up early to take the two-hour trip to the Danao Adventure Park. Ideally, one would stay here from morning to afternoon, riding the zipline, going river trekking and doing the rapids, caving, rappelling, doing the plunge (similar to bungee jumping), and other “adventurous” activities. We only went there to do the caving. I have always wanted to be a spelunker and as Bohol has a lot of caves to offer, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

When we got there, there were two caves to explore – moderate and expert. Since it was my first time to really do caving and my mom was there, we decided to go for the moderate one. It was crazy fun! The cave was hidden on the side of a mountain so we had to climb up and over, sort of rappel down a rope, and climb down again using the rocks as ledges. Inside the cave, we had to crawl, slosh through water, even go underwater, and pretty much crabwalk to avoid the stalactites. It was LOADS of fun; maybe when we go back I’ll try the expert cave. Haha.


Stalactites (loooooong ones)


Scary formation.

Along the way, we passed by Sagbayan Peak, a spot where one can take pictures with some of the largest chocolate hills as the background. There was a small tarsier sanctuary there where we got our first glimpses of the cute primates.


View of the hills from Sagbayan Peak.



In the afternoon, we headed to Loon, where we met the mangrove macaques. These macaque monkeys are different in that they live in/near the water instead of on top of trees. As we were walking along the bridge, when a monkey saw the guide, it called out to the others and they all started flocking toward us. Scary! Good thing the guides were there to shoo them away. It was cute watching them grab and beg for bananas.


Patiently waiting…


Banana for me!


Scrape, scrape…


Mangroves and trees where the monkeys live.

Mommy and baby.

That night, we went to Panglao Island, where resorts and hotels are so clustered together one has so many options when planning to go there. Along the shore, restaurants were lined up (similar to Boracay), so we took a stroll after dinner and watched the waves, the people, and fire dancers. A perfect island nightcap.

**Part 2:


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  2. puede ka na maging tour guide ng Bohol. interesting

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