A Side Trip To Anchorage

I had the most vivid and realistic, yet weird dream ever: in short, my family and I went to Anchorage, Alaska. In long, I will tell the story now:


I have no idea how it started, I remember waking up and thinking, I’m not in Anchorage anymore. Just kidding. It was more like, I woke up and was disoriented because it was still dark out and my alarm hadn’t gone off yet and I need to get back to sleep. But.. oh I had a dream! And I started to recall it. So, here goes:


We were already in Anchorage. (Another side note: I’ve only encountered the word Anchorage maybe once or twice in my entire life—through a book or something, I don’t remember—so I have no idea why my subconscious chose this place.) I don’t exactly remember the specific details but we definitely had a lot of fun. The place was beautiful – acres and acres of woods (not the scary kind but the natural wonderful kind), a huge lake with cabins nearby, and an amazing mountain landscape.


So, what did we do? We swam with the fishes (literally, there were schools of fish with us, as if in a movie), hiked through the woods (with sunlight streaming through the leaves – gorgeous!), and enjoyed the cabins (very homely, woodsy, perfect!). Oh, and the best (and weirdest!!!!) part: at one point, I was going back to the cabin, I saw a group of people going to another cabin farther away. For some strange reason, there were a lot of guys and all were handsome!!!!!!!! During the whole dream, it was always just me and my family; there were no signs of other people there, until that particular scene.


It was crazy! I remember just stopping and staring at them, because they were all my type – dark-haired, tall, just the right physique…and I just.. stared. LOL. And..they waved! They were like, “Hey!” “Hello!” and waving and smiling, and I’m smiling back. Then, suddenly, we (meaning my family and I) were rushing to a taxi who has been waiting for us down the road. It turns out the vacation was over, we had our planes to catch so we were packing and taking our bags to the car and the guys were just hanging out by their cabin and having fun. It wasn’t so sad to leave the place because I had a really awesome time.. and then I woke up.


Now I want to go to Anchorage!!!! I wonder if there is such a place though – woods, cabin by the lake – there. Maybe in Nebraska or Louisiana?



~ by rach124jc on December 9, 2011.

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