Two words: new hobby.

It all started when my brother made some ninja stars and I was like, “Cool, how’d you do that?” He proceeded to show me, but I got a bit bored and didn’t complete it.

A couple days ago, I worked on a holiday and since there was nothing much to do, I decided to check out origami again. Now I’ve attempted cranes and other supposedly-basic stuff, but never got around to finishing one — especially when I see the words “petal fold” and “valley fold” and whatever fold. This time, I was determined to complete something. Something really different.

I was searching for dragon kirigami (another hobby I had before in high school) when I came across modular origami. I’m not going to explain what that is about (ask Google), but it totally got my interest. So, ta-da, I give you…my first modular origami art — the eight-pointed star, for lack of a better cooler-sounding name.


It’s basically eight notepad pieces folded and pushed into each other — like Lego’s. Here’s the back view — sorry, lines aren’t that straight.


I’ll post more of my “art” when I’ve done more, and if they turn out great. Lol.

I’m also planning to get back into kirigami — have to buy a new cutter art pen and some paper first though. Will keep you posted!


~ by rach124jc on December 2, 2011.

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