Breaking Dawn

Watched “Breaking Dawn” last night with a few girlfriends. Here’s a rundown of the scenes with the most impact (on me, at least) and my reactions to the movie.
*Warning: some spoilers ahead.*

– Overall, “Breaking Dawn” was the best in the series (not to mention the most horrific and morbid as well).

– It’s like the movies aren’t complete without Jacob showing his upper body — and the first five? ten? seconds proved that.

– The wedding was so beautifully done — decors, the gown, etc. I’m sure a lot of future brides will be “inspired” by the theme; hopefully, not the cake though.

– Speaking of the cake, it was so shocking that I had to look away. I’ll never forget that ghastly sight when the camera pans from Bella staring blankly/in horror at a bloody Edward, down to her bloody wedding gown, to her blood red bouquet, and finally zooming out, showing the audience that they were both accessories on a cake of corpses. *shiver*

– So they get married, and leave on their honeymoon, which is definitely not suitable for younger audiences. Lol. Also, this time, their attempts at being funny (lines and scenes) were effective compared to the first three movies, where I just mentally roll my eyes.

– Then Bella gets pregnant, and everything goes crazy. The werewolves were more awesome and savage this time; in effect, the fight between them and the vampires near the end of the movie was brutal and cool.

– Oh, and let’s not forget the blood. First, we have Bella drinking blood from a plastic cup with a straw! Most of the people watching couldn’t drink afterwards, funny. Then, I had to look away again during her birthing scene. Even the sound effects were hair-and-goosebumps-raising. The sound of skin being torn, Bella screaming, something being punctured, liquid (blood) squishing, more screaming, bites and more puncture sounds… it was craaaaazy! And it was torturous having to endure that scene, which lasted what, more than 20 seconds? I had already read in an earlier review that there was a lot of blood but I still wasn’t prepared for the actual.

– A really touching scene was during the imprint between Jacob and Renesme. It was just so amazing when Jacob was forced on his knees – what was that quote about losing gravity?

– The process of vampire transformation was also impressive – ice casing the veins, etc.

– And it’s amazing what being a vampire can do to you. Evidence: some guys a couple seats away from us were like, “#$&@, ang ganda niya!” and repeating it again and again during the part where the camera pans slooooowly around Bella becoming “healthy” again, up to the point where she (suddenly but predictably) opens her RED eyes. End.

– Oh, and I want to take a picture sitting down on Aro’s (Volturi leader) throne, flanked by two others.=P Wait for the mid-credits scene!

Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie (especially compared to the first three — and I almost fell asleep watching the first) — it’s a must-see!!! Even guys enjoyed it; less super-mushy crazy lines spouted by Edward that doesn’t seem to fit. Lol. And I’m rereading the book now to see the differences since I pretty much forgot what happened. It’s been 3? years since I read it when the book came out.

So.. what are you waiting for? Get your tickets!


~ by rach124jc on November 19, 2011.

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