Flute Self-Study: 1

I finally (yaaaaay!) opened my flute case and took out the parts from their plastic coverings. I had originally planned to start the actual playing on Friday night (today!) when I’m home alone so that my family won’t hear my futile attempts and embarassing flops. Buuuut….when I got home last night, I had nothing to do so I decided to peek into the case. Then, I decided to take out the flute parts. Then, I decided to just get on with it and try assembling them together. So fun! I just wasn’t sure if I was holding the foot joint right so I was a bit scared of that part.

Anyway, after that, I disassembled the pieces, put them back in the case, and decided to look through my printouts (fingering chart, basic notes, etc). After a few minutes of staring, I couldn’t help but take out the body joint and following the instructions here: http://www.bambooflute.com/lesson.html

So my first lesson went like this (I only held the body joint the whole time, so no blowing was involved):

1. Getting a feel of my fingers on the keys (challenge: getting my middle and ring fingers on my left hand to separate)
2. Learning the diatonic scale (as taught in the link above) through the use of numbers
3. “Playing” Mary Had A Little Lamb and Ode to Joy using those numbers again and again until I got a feel of the keys

Tonight, I’ll be doing the real deal – haha. That means assembling the whole flute and actually producing a sound. Hopefully, that would turn out well. Once I get a feel of the keys, I’ll start to memorize the notes.So excited!


~ by rach124jc on August 5, 2011.

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