Will Work, Will Travel

Is there such a job with the following work description?

– Loves to travel
– Loves to make itineraries
– Loves to take pictures while travelling
– Loves to document travel experiences (ie, blog)
– Has time to travel around the world

If there is, I’d be more than willing to sign up. I’m also willing to charge for travel consultancy; for example, say person A wants to go on a trip. But person A doesn’t know what to do or where to go. Getting a tour package may be expensive sometimes, and it’s hard to travel around in a group. This is where I step in — by creating a customized itinerary for person A. I have a very obssessive-compulsive view of doing trips, so I make sure I have a schedule or list of places to go and I follow them.


I still remember when I went to a particular country last year, due to unavoidable must-not-be-mentioned-here circumstances, I had to mentally scratch out so many items on my list. Each mental scratch equaled a mental shriek and a mental cry from me. It was a mentally depressing trip for me. Another down side of creating an itinerary for a place I haven’t been to is that I cannot predict the time period. For example, here in Manila, it would be difficult to put a lot of places in one day because traffic is so unpredictable you could be stuck in one place for hours. If you’re that unfortunate.

Another example: I planned a Vietnam-Cambodia trip with my high school friends early this year (Saigon – Phnom Penh – Siem Reap – Phnom Penh – Saigon). I had the bus trips approximately planned out (it was difficult because you had to buy the tickets there, so I couldn’t put a timeframe to my itinerary), but when we were there, everything was chaotic. It turned out they had no buses the go direct from Saigon to Siem Reap; everyone had to stop at Phnom Penh and change buses. It also turned out that the change wasn’t fast. We waited an hour or so to leave Phnom Penh and by then, we were waaaaaaay out of schedule. On the way back from Siem Reap, we found a night bus that was supposed to be direct and would take less time because there would be no traffic. Guess what? It did take less time to arrive at Phnom Penh, buuuuuutttttt…. the driver made us all go down in some part of the city and left us! The worst part was, of all the 50 plus people in the bus, there were only two groups who would be moving on to Saigon (me and my friends and two girls). Oh wait, that wasn’t the worst — we waited 3 hours until a minivan arrived to take us to Saigon. By then, I was steaming, we were all in a bad mood, and I was embarassed because this trip was my idea.


I’m trying not to recall that part because it would give me a headache, thinking of the frustration I felt at that time. Other places that I’ve been to — Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore — did not pose a lot of problems because transportation is so much convenient. I’m hoping I could say the same of Shanghai — I’m actually expecting Shanghai to be easy to navigate because it is more advanced economically than Vietnam and Saigon and a very commercialized city.

Going back

If there is such a job where all I do is make itineraries for travellers, I would jump at the chance. Here’s what I do in preparing for a trip:

– Search the net for the must-see and must-go places and must-do things
– For each result, delve more
– Search each place individually (taking note of opening and closing times, admission fees if applicable, how to get there, etc)
– Search packaged tours and copy their itineraries
– Segregate the places
– Make a day-by-day schedule (list only)

Sometimes for one search result, I can be referred to another site so I get more information. It’s fun reading about a place and what it offers. So.. time for a job hunt that fits my criteria! Haha.


~ by rach124jc on August 4, 2011.

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