Triple Flag

It’s amazing how I was able to flag down the same FX three times this month. The FX had several distinctions:

– Dispatcher radio. The driver had this walkie-talkie-like console (I forgot the exact term, sorry) where he talks with someone the whole ride (whole day?) through. I don’t even know what they talk about since they use codes. For example, “Ahhhh, na-1-4 nanamn si Nancy Papa,” or “Wag ka kamote, nakakatawa pala si Romeo Tango.” And other stuff like that. It’s kinda funny in a weird way.

– Tigers. There are 3 small tigers hanging from the windshield, and one big stuffed white tiger reclining on the dashboard.

– Driver. The driver himself is in his early-30s. Noisy because of his console.

I wonder if I’ll flag him down again sometime this week. He usually passes by the spot where I wait at about the same time. Funny.


~ by rach124jc on July 25, 2011.

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