LRT Punch

I took the LRT again this morning after a few months. Since we have another house in Quezon City, commuting to work is easier because I only need to walk to Quezon Ave and take an FX. If I go to work from Valenzuela, I need to take a long jeepney ride, then take the LRT. Yesterday, I went home to Valenzuela despite having duty on Monday because I watched the last Harry Potter movie with my brother. I also wanted to hang out with my family since we’re rarely complete, especially during weekdays and if I have to work on Saturdays.

So, anyway, there I was at 0700 in the morning waiting for the train to arrive. It came after almost 10 minutes, fully packed. I was about 5 rows from the door so I knew I had to start pushing my way so I could get a seat when the next empty train came. It came and I pushed and shoved until I was in front. I had to survive through the next train because although it was full, some people still persisted in pushing to get in. While they pushed us from behind, I felt a fist pushing my side. It actually hurt and I slapped it back. The hand retreated, but when the train left and while we waited for the next one, the hand became a fist again and actually punched me! I was shocked because (1) the person was short (I didn’t see the face but I think she was young), (2) I have been taking the LRT since I was in college and I have never ever felt such a violent reaction from a person (it’s inhumane!), and (3) did I mention she was short???? I couldn’t get over that part because she was really short, and in my mind, I kept thinking like, “Dude, I’m waaaaaay taller than you, my body is waaaaaaaay bigger than yours, and if you’re planning to take me on, I don’t know what shape you’ll end up in.” Of course, that was only in my mind. I could never really say that to someone. Lol.

So, as I was steaming over the fact that a total stranger hit me, she opened her fan and starting flapping it, purposefully hitting me. Since it didn’t really hurt (so much), and since I really hated confrontations, I ignored her and just kept repeating, The train will be here soon. Just a bit more patience. Juuuuust… a…. bit…. moooooore. So a few more minutes passed, I started fidgeting (a bit), and she actually punched me again! I was getting riled up because I was (1) sleepy, (2) irritated already because of her first punch), (3) irritated more because she still kept hitting me), (4) hot – the heat was killing me, (5) having trouble breathing (so many people with sweat and different smells combining).

Then she went back to fanning herself and hitting me. I made sure my body was positioned so that when the train arrived, she couldn’t get past me (and hopefully stand the whole ride — ha!). I also thought, if she hit me again, one more time, I am so going to punch her square in the face. And then I started imagining her screaming at me like a lunatic, and I would just passively say, “You started it. I’m not even doing anything to you.” Then the train would arrive and I would calmly walk in and sit, with her still screaming behind me. Then she would stand in front of me in the train, and everyone else would get pissed off at her because she was making a racket, so that she had to be taken away by security for public disturbance. And I would smile. I actually imagined the whole thing cartoon style. If only I could draw, I could probably make a short animation film out of it.

Alas, to my relief *mental sigh* she didn’t hit me again and an empty train arrived *mental cheer* and I went in. Funny, I didn’t even notice what she looked like or what she was wearing. Oh well. I hope she didn’t get a seat. Oh, and to cap off that miserable morning, I was late for work. Ugh.


~ by rach124jc on July 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “LRT Punch”

  1. remind me not to ride the train with you. at least, not until i learn some kung fu skills. hahaha. 😉

  2. thank you for the likes!

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