Surprise Blessings

God has really been so good. Just yesterday, a family friend mentioned to my dad that they have tickets to the Cirque du Soleil: Varekai show. No one was going to watch so they gave us the tickets (two of them). It’s amazing how things like this happen. My dad had casually mentioned if I wanted to watch the circus a few weeks ago, and I asked him back if he knew the price. It’s incredible how much the rates are (Php10,500 for middle facing-the-stage seats!), and I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to watch. I will definitely save up for my trip to Shanghai to watch another similar show — Chinese style.=)

Another recent surprise was winning advanced screening tickets to X-Men: First Class. It was also another random thing. I hit on a site that had a promotion at that time where you just answer a question (What is Professor X’s full name?) and give your details. So… a few days passed and then suddenly, I got an email that I had won two tickets — for the screening that night! My brother and I started panicking — how would we go, who would go with me, etc.

It’s funny how both experiences were same-day events. I couldn’t dress up, had to stress over how to go the venues, what to eat to survive skipping dinner (popcorn in both cases), and other stuff. In the end, everything always worked out okay and I can only feel so blessed to be given these opportunities.


~ by rach124jc on July 15, 2011.

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