Audio CD 101

I’m nearing the end of my first major project as president of the church choir. I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that we were making a compilation of our renditions during Sunday worship service for the listening pleasure of the members. I thought I’d share how I went about this project.

One of the members was and is religiously recording our renditions so I started by choosing those that could be easily edited (less/no cough sounds, good quality all throughout the song) and those that sounded “nice.” I also took down all the songs we sang for the past year and had the choir members vote for songs they want to sing or feel are meaningful enough to be included in the cd. We then allocated some time after practice to sing the songs again for recording purposes.

One by one, I edited the songs using Blaze Media Pro and Audacity Portable. My video converter is AiseeSoft Total Video Converter. I also set about buying photo paper (from National Bookstore), 120 blank cds and cd labels (courtesy of CDR-King), and 120 cd jewel cases (from Technovox Trading). I had initial problems about the printing of the cover and inlay card, but one of the members took responsibility.

Right now, I have less than 20 cds left to burn and my laptop is heating up from the abuse. I feel sorry for it.=( So tomorrow, we’ll be sticking the labels on the individual cds, putting them in their cases and inserting the cover, inlay, and back insert. On Sunday, we will be distributing them to the church members after the service. It is my hope that the cd will be used by the members and that it will bring them enjoyment and encouragement to listen to the songs as much as I feel when I do.


~ by rach124jc on July 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Audio CD 101”

  1. Hey! do past presidents get a copy too? =D

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