Pleas, Please.

This is an update regarding my previous blog entry on prayer.

Well, one is regarding my future, and so far, there’s a 50% chance of my life taking a drastic change. I won’t be able to know until probably next week, but if the result is positive, then there will be a lot of goodbyes and hellos.

Otherwise, everything will remain the same; me here in Manila, living my usual routine life, constantly on the lookout for other opportunities.

I now need prayers that the other party will be generous, and I will be given enough (or more than enough) provisions. I pray that the result would be positive so that I can have a chance to explore new places, learn more about myself, and have more quiet time. I am, in a way, counting on it.

We still haven’t moved out of Valenzuela, sadly. I was excited that we had finally confirmed a house in Quezon City, but renovations had to be done before we could move in, and so’s been a month.

Our intial plan was to move in by May or early June in time for the opening of classes, but by then, we hadn’t found a place yet. A week before classes were due to start, my parents confirmed with a church member already regarding the lodging. However, some things needed to be fixed, and with the onslaught of the A(H1N1) virus, class openings were cancelled. Now, it’s July, and we’re still stuck with the same wake-up-early, commute-to-school-and-work routines.

I wish we could move out already.:(

I also think I need more excitement in my life. *Sigh*


~ by rach124jc on July 4, 2009.

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