Cathisophobia Curiosity

It’s funny. A few days ago, an alarm rang on my phone, signalling a reminder. The only words I wrote were “fear of chairs.” I have this habit of inputting reminders into my cellphone when I think of something I have to do, something I can write about in my blog, or anything in general.

Sometimes, though, with reminders like that, I forget why I wanted to look for the term for that particular phobia. I’m sure I had an epiphany at one point regarding that. I also know it has something to do with me writing about the phobia. I just can’t remember why. Lol.

So I looked it up anyway (just now), and there’s no term for “fear of chairs,” but their is a term for “fear of sitting down.” It’s in the blog title, by the way. Cathisophobia or kathisophobia. It’s interesting to note that there are people who have this phobia. I read in a “testimonial” type of entry on the Net that this person is very uncomfortable with sitting down on chairs because it feels like they’re taking up too much space, etc. that it becomes an annoying, irritating feeling.

Feels weird from the point of view of someone who loves sitting down (me). Lol. I love it so much that I spend more than 10 hours of my day doing it (at work). There’s another 10 hours lying down (for sleeping). I feel like a pig. Lol.

I’ll end here for now. Learning a new word today makes me want to start blogging about new words that I learn. Maybe for some other day.=)


~ by rach124jc on June 16, 2009.

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