Surprise, surprise

Just last Friday, we (my mom, brothers, and I) planned a surprise for my dad for his “special golden” birthday. We planned an overnight trip to Tagaytay and a compilation of videos of family, friends, and colleagues greeting and wishing him a happy birthday.

It all started with my mom mentioning to me approximately three weeks ago that my dad was turning “this” age. I immediately got caught up in the excitement (I LOVE planning and surprises) and started looking up cellphone numbers and email addresses.

The problem was, I stalled a bit, and some contacts were hard So two weeks before the birthday, I was still sending out blasts to people about the video idea. My brothers had my cellphone with them (you have to love the Secret; 5 megapixels of clear pictures and video footage.:D) so that if they meet someone my dad knew or was close to, they could just take the video directly.

The funny part was, one time, when I got home from work, the whole family was playing Wii. First thing that popped out of my mouth? “Did you guys video this person already?” Good thing they were all engrossed in their game so no one answered. After, when we were alone, my brothers started reprimanding me. We hoped my dad would just ignore it. But he later told my mom that he got suspicious then.

Second blooper? One of my contacts accidentally texted my dad. She mistakenly forwarded my message to him. It was funny. By then, my dad knew already.

Last mistake. Someone accidentally forwarded their video to my dad’s email address instead of mine. Haha. Funny thing was that it wasn’t a video that was attached but a photo. Lol.

Despite these “shortcomings,” the surprise went on, and we had fun viewing the videos.=)


~ by rach124jc on June 1, 2009.

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