Prayers and Praise

Just thought of posting some prayer requests since I’m not doing much at the office right now.

1. Moving out. Some of you may know already that my mom, my brothers, and I will be moving out of BSOP to Quezon City for our convenience.

Daniel will be closer to UST, which is necessary with regards to safety since he he will have classes until around 11 in the evening; Sam is also closer to UP, and will have less time to battle with traffic in Edsa; for me, everything remains the same, since travel to Hyatt would be the same. The difference is the type of transportation I will be taking.

Presently, we have two options: one in West Ave, near Edsa, and the other near Quezon Ave, in the Banawe area. Both locations are fine, and we are waiting now for the rent rate before we finalize the decision.

We are hoping to receive a positive feedback from both by Wednesay, June 3.. which is very near.. so we need prayers that the owners would give a very reasonable rate and that we can move within the week in preparation of my brothers’ first days at school.

2. Future in the workplace. I don’t know how many are aware, but the hotel industry business is deteriorating. Thankfully, Hyatt is still on top, but we still need to face reality. Less people go to hotels now, less people eat expensive food, and even less people go abroad..despite airlines “sort of” dropping their rates.

I need prayers too regarding this area since I have three “opportunities,” although they are not entirely sure. They are just options, but who knows? I won’t go into detail, but they have something to do with Macau, Hong Kong, or Guam. All are just grabbed opportunities, and they could be dead ends, but I decided to try for the sake of trying, and see where each path would lead.

3. Plans for Mom. My mom’s birthday is coming up this Friday. I still don’t know what to plan for her or give her. She’s not picky, she’s okay with anything, so even choosing a cake for her is difficult! Lol. Any ideas?=)

Because of financial difficulties and time constraint, I really can’t do much.. although I still want her to remember this year.

Besides prayer requests, I also have thanksgiving items:

1. Dad’s birthday. We celebrated my dad’s birthday last May 30 in Tagaytay. It was fun, relaxing, and very enjoyable.

Here’s what happened. I got a half-day leave on the 29th so that we could go to Tagaytay earlier. I had originally planned an overnight Saturday night, but my dad had a speaking engagement on Sunday, so I had to adjust my schedule.

We got to Tagaytay around 0430pm, got settled, walked around for a bit, enjoying the cold, and then prepared for dinner. A cooked his salpicao special (yum!) and we also had inihaw na tuna panga, and garlic rice (made by 3 people, hahaha). Yum!

Afterwards, we spent the night talking, playing (UNO, Cranium*, Dutch Blitz, Monopoly**, Wii), and enjoying the cool breeze. Around 1100pm, we presented our “surprise” video compilation gift to my dad. He wasn’t that surprised anymore since we botched it (see my post on “Surprise, Surprise”). He still appreciated it and we enjoyed watching the videos (some were touching, funny, etc). Too bad we didn’t have enough time to compile everything.

We slept almost 0100 am, woke up the next day very refreshed to a cool morning. We continued playing games, had a very full lunch, and played well into the late afternoon. After taking several pictures, we left Pacific Grove, had dinner at LZM, and took the long journey back to Manila (rainy, traffic-ky journey).

2. I’m also grateful to A and A’s family for their accommodation at Tagaytay. Lodging and food thanks to their courtesy. I would also like to thank all my dad’s (and my) friends and colleagues who submitted videos (we enjoyed watching them), who sent short messages (I enjoyed compiling), and who couldn’t send because of valid reasons, of course (your rememebering is also appreciated).

It was definitely a happy birthday for my dad.=)

*A new board game. Totally fun! Best played with more than 4 players.=) **We played the “Here and Now” edition. Loved it! No more hard cash and tricky calculations!


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