Doozy Dream

I just had the weirdest dream. It was funny because it lasted probably around 15-30 minutes, I’m not too sure. I was planning to hitch a ride with my dad and brother at 0630am, and I had set an alarm for 0530am. So the alarm rang, I snoozed it for another 30 minutes. When it rang again, I stopped it and decided to lie down for just 5 minutes longer. To think the weather today was nice for sleeping in–rainy and cool. So, the last 5 minutes, became 40 plus minutes. In that time, I had my dream.

For some reason, my family were in the car, driving to..who knows where. Anyway, it seemed like in such a short time, we drove into..ANTARCTICA! I don’t know if I just have a good imagination, or I’ve seen a lot of pictures, that I dreamed of the landscape so vividly. We passed a semi-rocky trail into a whole new sparkling wonderland. There were hills and mountains with a light layer of snow and ice, a semi-frozen grayish lake, the sky a dark blue with gray-white clouds–everything I had seen in pictures. I didn’t see any penguins or polar bears though.

So we drove on, me admiring the scenery. It was awesome. I was thinking, I am in Antarctica! This is way awesome! I wanted to take a lot of pictures to keep in my memory and to show to other people.

In a while, we stopped and saw several areas that looked like a camp. We went to a big shack (which seemed more like a house) where we settled in. It was unlike any “shack.” There was a huge fireplace inside, comfortable couches, lush carpets, and it seemed everything we needed was there. [I know it all sounds so…unbelievable.]

My dad took out this griller and we prepared to cook barbecue. Yum! I asked my brothers for the camera (the one we’re using now–Samsung) so that I could go outside and take pictures. They were too busy enjoying the house and ignored me. I took out my cellphone (the one I’m using now–LG Secret) and went outside. Funny how reality is still incorporated in my dream. My phone memory was – is – full and even in my dream, it was so. I couldn’t take any pictures without deleting some things in my phone so I spent several precious time deciding which photos or messgaes I would delete so that I could take new photos. Anyway, I think I took one or two before I knew I needed a camera.

I went back inside the house to get it and saw out of the corner of my eye, a dark person looking in through the window. This is where my dream gets freaky and weird. The person looked like a teenager/adult Filipino-American/Canadian–you get the point, mixed nationalities. So I got creeped out, ran to tell my dad–who’s grilling something fragrantic (I made up that word; I have no idea if it’s a word you can find in the dictionary), and saw suddenly, a lot of people in the area. It seemed everyone had the same idea of eating barbecue and started setting up their own grillers and preparing for..dinner? I also saw several people ice skating in the lake, and the first thing that came to my mind was the “30 Days of Night” movie. If you don’t know the story, well, Google it. Lol. There’s a movie script somewhere there in the web.

So.. moving on.. a few men (couple or two) settled in a shack across from ours (I don’t even think I noticed that there was one across from us), and set up their own grill. They looked freaky, which is why I remembered them from my dream. They moved as if they were meant to be there, meant to set up house and meant to grill something–almost robotic and hypnotic.

The scene shifts later to my parents wanting to look for a convenience store. I don’t how or why, and I just had a thought that why would there be a convenience store in the middle of Anatarctica (South Pole?)? So, I went with them both to look for one since I wanted to see the place anyway. It seemed as if a village had suddenly popped up. There were streets, stores, etc. Suddenly, a man (and several companions, I think) went up to us, wanting to show us the convenience stores. For some reason, he knew what we were looking for, but of course, I didn’t notice that then.

The man kept showing us different stores, but my dad was insisting on 7-11 (weird, I know, but maybe we just wanted to see something familiar). Finally, we turned a corner, and there in all its green and orange glory, was 7-11. We went in. I noticed the man who was pushing us meet with other men outside the store, waiting, as if wanting to ambush or kidnap us. I started panicking, and I noticed my parents were being cautious as well. I was scared, as if we were being kidnapped. Since this was my dream, I had to think of a way to save myself and my parents. Just when it seemed like there was no hope, the dark person I saw peeping into our shack/house was suddenly there by a side door, motioning for us to follow him. He seemed like the better option than the menacing men outside, so I pushed my parents to go to him. Fortunately, the men outside were arguing, probably about how to get us. We hurriedly made our escape.

While we were running, the men had figured out we were gone and were making chase. We ran after the dark man, my mom first, me in the middle, and my dad last. We all held each other’s hand, pulling and pushing to hurry. After endless turns and what seemed like a long time of running, we stopped. I suddenly thought of my brothers left alone in the house. We started panicking again, but the man assured us that everything was well taken care of. He took us to what seemed like a safe house in the middle of a forest, and we were reunited.

The scene changes again to me at home. We were in our on house (which is brand new and!), it was around 1230am, and I was trying to watch TV. I think the excitement was too much for me to sleep, considering I had work the next day at 0900am. Funny again how reality correlates with dreams.

But my dream wouldn’t let me go. Every single TV show as I browsed different channels were all weird and out-of-this-world. There were aliens, gory stuff, and everything imaginable that is just plain weird.

After that, I got so tired and bored that I went to sleep. That’s when I woke up. Fin.

I thought my dream sounded like a book an author who writes horror/thriller/suspense/fantasy would write. I have just the person in mind. He’s an author for so long and a lot of his books have been made movies already. Guess who?

***Copyright to this dream is held by yours truly.:D I think I’ll write a novel. Lol.


~ by rach124jc on May 5, 2009.

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