Family Festival

Yesterday was the QCEC Family Festival, in part to celebrate with the graduates this year. As part of the festival, I helped A with the photo booth.

It was both well, part success and failure, especially since this was a first time. We had “professional help” so that shots came out really nice. The sad part was that we ran out of blank ink for the printer. It was funny because black hair became white in the pictures so we thought of making a sign “Pictures of the Future: Pictures that show how you will look when you’re in your 80s.” LOL.

To “sort of” rectify the situation, prints would have to delivered next Sunday. Sadly. The shots were awesome so it would have been added bonus if the prints could have been given out on the same day.

A also put back the magnetic photo paper that we picked up from National Bookstore, so instead of offering regular prints and magnetic prints, we had to stick to one type. Unfortunately.

It was still an enjoyable event, despite the stifling heat. It was so hot yesterday (and probably will be for the coming days) that the ice cream “booth” sold well, I think. Haha.

Looking forward to Sam’s graduation!


~ by rach124jc on March 23, 2009.

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