This is a bit similar to my previous post about Naruto. I’ve always considered myself as someone who gets interested easily in things, so I tend to change preferences as fast.

When I posted about Naruto, I was so into it at that time that I spent a lot of time reading the manga and watching the series just to catch up.

But then, lately, A introduced me to the wonderful (lol) World of Warcraft. At first, I did not even want to watch the introduction because it seemed so monster-ish and war-ish (duh, the name), and a guy-ish game (meaning.. game for guys).

The thing that got me hooked? Me creating my own character. I chose a Blood Elf Mage and when I started collecting the quests, I was officially a WoW addict. Still am.

But, things are different. My Level 16 Mage kept dying (frustrating, really) so tried a Draenei Warrior. I didn’t really like how the Draenei looked so I wasn’t that excited, but I liked their environment (the crash site, etc).

Then, I found out A had created for me a Human Warlock. What can I say? Warlocks rock. Totally. As in awesomely. All I want to do now is play WoW the whole day forever. Lol. Kidding. But it’s cool. Like the game. It’s all about levelling up and strategies. Kudos to it.


~ by rach124jc on March 12, 2009.

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