White Waters

I wonder why they call that adventurous trip down a stream of water with wild waves white water rafting. (Okay, I got a bit confused typing that sentence.)

Just last Friday, we went to Davao for a short vacation. I badly needed one. Ever since I started working, I haven’t had a real vacation (in almost 2 years) since I didn’t have leaves yet..sadly. That trip to Davao was awesome for my work mood and as a vacation.

It was a bit irritating because our flight was delayed by an hour (for some unknown reason). Then, our white water rafting trip almost got cancelled because only four of us were confirmed.

But..it went on as planned. We became 5, and were joined at the site by a (an American?) man from Denmark. His age? 71, turning 72 in two months. Wow. He claimed he was of the Viking line, and well, he is strong.

The ride was fun, and now I’m a bit addicted to it, so I’m trying to hint at my parents to go to either Cagayan or Kalinga (wherever that is) for more, wilder white waters.=)


~ by rach124jc on March 12, 2009.

One Response to “White Waters”

  1. I believe that they called it whitewater is because of when the flowing river water hits a boulder in the river bed, it produces a foamy white bubbly like water, and hence forth the term whitewater is born. The elderly American proved that rafting can be done by all ages, way to go!

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