Memorable Memories

Got this through Multiply from my DLSU batchmates of before.

I’m sure there will be a lot more additions to this–a list of memorable quotes from our memorable professors (although I was never taught by one or two from the list). Enjoy!=)


“Is education a form of slavery? If the answer is yes, let’s go home!” – Sir Marasigan


“If we’re going to consider breaking a person’s heart as torture, we would have to ask for compensation!” – Sir Marasigan


“Save yourself! Say “I don’t know” with dignity!” – Sir Julius


“Diplomacy: It’s telling someone to go to hell and making him enjoy the trip!” – Sir De Castro


“You must always come to class.” – Dr. Trinidad



“So be very choosy in choosing a research topic. It’s like choosing a wife!” – Dr. Falguerra


“There’s no bright and shining policy to make people happy!” – Sir Bombit


“You know, my mother used to say: Anak, isip muna bago sagot.”- Sir Bombit


“It’s bad enough that students plagiarize, but must you do it so crudely?” – Sir Bombit


“You’ve never lived until you’ve seen butter mountains and wine lakes.” – Sir Bombit


“There are many truths in the world that go against common sense.” – Sir Bombit


“Don’t look for enemies abroad. They are already here.” – Sir De Castro


“A tribe separate from other tribes! We are International Studies!” – Sir De Castro


“You might not be interested in International Relations, but International Relations might be interested in you!” – Sir De Castro


“As far as we’re concerned, it’s guns, wars, bullets and money.” – Sir Gan


“You need not be a diplomat to be a diplomat.” – Sir Gan


“What does Timberlake say about being limber?” – Sir Baquiran


“The assumption is when you come to class, you already know something!” – Sir Baquiran


“If you must learn only three words in Latin these should be pacta sunt servanda.” – Dr. Robles


“It’s hard to predict, especially the future.” – Dr. Robles



The horror of it all. I forgot what pacta sunt servada means. Haha.

Miss this. Weirdly.


~ by rach124jc on February 25, 2009.

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