Headaches Happen…

..to me all the time.

Just this morning, in my usual sleepy state, I went past my stop at U.N. Ave, which left me no choice but to walk the whole length of Pedro Gil station to Hyatt. Now, I’m not complaining, since I had wanted to walk. But my head was pounding this morning (since last night) and I didn’t think I could stand walking.

But..circumstances changed..because..

It all started at the beginning of my LRT ride. A girl’s cellphone (and bag?) was stolen right when she was being pushed and squished around the horde of women trying to go in the train. As usual, being the efficient organization that we are, the train went on, the girl crying the whole way..meaning, yours truly couldn’t sleep. I knew how she felt; I’d gone through a hold-up and a slashing (slashed my bag, that freak) as well.

Anyway, so, after a while, I blocked out the sound of her crying and fell asleep.

I woke up groggily when the driver announced, “Pedro Gil.” It didn’t register immediately, and I was practically pushing and running towards the door.

When I got down, different smells assailed my sensitive nose. LOL.

And my headache got worse. I had to concentrate on my breathing since it helps, and I couldn’t walk that fast either since it would just aggravate the pounding.

Here are some things that would give me an instant headache (migraine?):

-smoke (smoke from jeeps, buses, cigars*)
-people shouting and pushing other people around
-heat (good thing it was a bit cool this morning)
-disgusting smells (canal, pee, etc)
-seeing a lot of spit on the ground

Why me?

*Speaking of cigaretts, a man was walking in front of me smoking, and I couldn’t breathe. Once I went past him, another man was smoking in front of me. I could kill them for making me feel sicker than I felt.


~ by rach124jc on January 13, 2009.

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