Test of Translation

Yesterday was a highlight in my 20th year of existence. Lol. I sound like an instution or something.

Anyway, at 10am in UEC Olongapo, I was the translator for my mom during the Sunday worship. It was my first time, and I even translated in Chinese!

The horror!

It wasn’t so bad. What made it sucky was my lack of Chinese vocabulary. I had a script (kodigo), but during the latter part of the sermon, my mom skipped or jumbled some of the sentences and I couldn’t keep track of some of the Chinese words which made me panic inside. I even had mental blackouts near the end where I couldn’t remember Chinese words like “pregnant.” Hahaha.

I know I sucked, but it was nice. Some people commended me on my Chinese (I’m sure they were jsut surprised I could speak Chinese with a Chinese accent – huh?!), and it felt nice. Although deep inside, I knew I need A LOT of practice. I feel shamed. Lol. I really sucked.

I guess it would be nice to experience that again, albeit still in small church with a small congregation. I would have to prepare weeks before too, to brush up on complicated Chinese words.

Oh yeah, one thing I noticed about myself–I can control my anxiety on stage (especially the quivering and stuttering lip symptom) now..and I can say I did a pretty good job of not trembling on stage. Haha. But I would still prefer writing than doing orals.=P


~ by rach124jc on December 22, 2008.

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