Presence of Paris

While walking the usual route from LRT-UN Avenue to Padre Faura Street, I felt as if I could go back to Paris and relive my trip there two years ago.

Wow. It’s been two years since I went there, and I miss it so much–the smells, the walking, the beautiful architecture and lights, and just the city itself.

It was breezy this morning (the nice kind of cold) and I remember walking with Chrisfel, Gerry, and Mildred in autumn clothes (trenchie, trenchie, trenchie!!!) feeling the cold air around us, seeing the leaves fall, and gusts of white air coming out of our mouths.

Paris reminds me of:
– the Eiffel Tower (the really cold temperature on top)
– the Catacombs (creepy in a very nice way)
– the smell of roasting chestnuts (wow)
– the Louvre (miles of walk and the teeny tiny Mona Lisa)
– Mouline Rouge (gowns and sparkles and glitter)
– jazz (free shows on Thursdays)
– skinned rabbits (actually hanging in marketplaces)
– bread and cheese (made me miss rice)
– the Notre Dame (hunchback?)
– the Seine River (missed that cruise, darn!)
– taking A LOT of pictures of buildings, bridges, and parks
– and a whole lot more!:D
I dream of the day that I shall return.


~ by rach124jc on December 22, 2008.

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