Yes, Yellow.

There was a woman in the LRT who…seemed to “LOVE” the color yellow.

Here’s the list of what she was wearing:

-yellow sandals
-skinny jeans with yellow designs
-yellow top

And she had:

-a yellow bag
-a yellow hanky
-a yellow fan (which she was..fanning herself with)

She was also wearing:

-gold earrings
-gold rings
-a gold necklace
-a gold watch
-a gold bracelet

The only “weird” thing she had (well, more like, out of place) was a BENCH red PAPER BAG. How sad. She should have brought a yellow paper bag to complete her “SUNNY” ensemble.

Oh yeah, she doesn’t look as happy as a happy person should be.:(


~ by rach124jc on December 10, 2008.

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