Sudoku Shame

I have been a fan of Sudoku ever since it became a hit in the Philippines (as far as I know). My dad used to buy me puzzle books ever since I was way younger–word search, jumbles, logic puzzles, math puzzles, etc. And I DEVOURED them.


Once I got a puzzle magazine, I would spend every waking hour answering them. I would have piles of scratch paper around me to help me in my solving. I learned about Sudoku, Kakoru, and using logic through matrices (which I’m proud to have used in college). I made sure to time myself every single time to make sure I improve and see how fast I can do in different levels.


Just recently, a friend of mine told me there was a Sudoku Super Challenge to be held at SM North Edsa. I got excited and afraid at the same time–a chance to shine, but shamed if I lost to people younger than me (who are better than me).


So I did research, looked for the competition mechanics. The result? Sadness and a new determination. To qualify, you have to submit at least 20 puzzles from the Business Mirror. Plus, in the competition, it’s not just about speed in doing the usual 9×9 puzzles. There’s sum sudoku, circular sudoku, odd/even sudoku, and I have never heard nor seen sudokus like that.=(


The amazing thing is that last year, a 14-year old girl won the nationals and in the world competition, a British (?) guy answered 8 fiendish-level sudokus in 18 minutes! That’s only 2 minutes per puzzle! Wow.


I hope next year my name would be there. Hahahaha.

Excuse me while I research for puzzles.=)


~ by rach124jc on November 18, 2008.

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