Job Jumble

Since this is my second job already, I can compare the work experience between two different companies focusing on two different aspects of life.


At the bank, since I was in Sales, it was all about business–selling, selling, selling, and of course, retaining the customers. From the time we start work (0830am on the dot) to the time we end (at least 0530pm), it was focus, sell, retain, empathize, help, sell. It was all about pressure, competition, reaching the set quota, going beyond the goal. Plus, everyday, it gets harder and harder. Different lists come up, customers become more aware, competitors produce better rates, the pressure begins pushing even more.


It reaches the point where you don’t want to go to work anymore, you dread Mondays and look forward to Friday afternoons and holidays. You prefer to be sick and stay at home, or maybe go back to studying.


Now, in the hotel, everyday is still about business. But there is no pressure. You do what is there. Without those reservations, the customers, the job description would be zero. Thus, on heavy days, we would be busy, but not busy enough to the brink of exhaustion and mind-blanks and heavy “feeling-bad.”


There is more freedom to laugh, make jokes, talk about stuff, and even flexible time.


I can eat lunch alone without feeling lonely and seemingly the only person with no one else beside her. People greet you with a “Hi,” a “Good morning,” and a smile. I’m not saying there wasn’t any of that before. I’m not. But, especially regarding the work (which I like, hehe), it beats before.


I just don’t like working on Saturdays. Arg. Forget 40 working hours a week. It’s now 44 hours.=(

But.. count the blessings. Count the blessings.


~ by rach124jc on November 15, 2008.

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