Hold-up Hour

6pm-8pm, and every single minute of every day practically everywhere in Manila, in the Philippines, in the world, someone’s stealing, someone’s walking through the street in a state of paranoia, someone’s being followed…

…i was in a jeepney to the LRT. When I got on at the corner of Hyatt, there was a guy to my left (he was closer to the driver). There were two other guys on the opposite side, and two or three other passengers. None of them registered in my mind.

I only vaguely remember sitting next to the guy (I wanted to sit next to the (inexistent) “door,” paying the fare, and waiting for the stop. At the traffic light at Taft Ave., the three guys left the jeepney. On the way down, one of them said,”Sa susunod nalang!” to the driver.

Now, from Hyatt to Taft, a mother and her son had also gotten on the jeepney. Vague details. A woman moved from the opposite side to sit next to me on the driver side near the (inexistent) “door.”

When the three went down, the woman next to me and the woman with the son started talking. I ignored them, thinking they were acquaintances. As I mentioned earlier, it was a bit vague to me whether they got on at the same time.

I perked up a bit when I heard the woman next to me say the words “mga lalaki,” “may nilabas,” “hold-up,” “lipat.”

Conclusion: The three guys were planning to slash someone’s bag. I was fortunate that I didn’t choose to sit between the guys (based on experience) and the woman who moved saw the “weapon” (I think) so she moved to my side, giving the guys no other option but to leave. They probably wouldn’t get to steal anymore since the woman knows and no one was in a strategic position for them.

Another saving grace.
The driver might have been at par with them. That could be why one of the guys said “Sa susunod nalang,” implying they didn’t get anything on that ride.

Makes me realize again that I should NEVER let down my guard.


~ by rach124jc on November 3, 2008.

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