Way of Walking

I did something different today. Finally. After commuting for almost three months (wait, wait, backtrack.. wow! Today’s my 3rd month at Hyatt. Exactly three months!) to Hyatt, I decided to WALK from Taft to Hyatt. I went down Pedro Gil station instead of the usual UN Ave., and just decided to walk.

I was sleepy as usual, but not as much, and it was still early (around 0740 am), so I thought why not walk?

It took me 10 minutes of brisk walking (plus a LOT of PARANOIA).

Highlights of the walk/stroll/whatever.
1. A dirty (really dirty AND DARK) man holding a tiny paper cup was lying in the middle of the street, just staring at everyone. I wanted to conspicuously (and subtly) take a picture, but it was too risky (think HOLD-UPPERS–arg the spelling–and BAG SLASHERS). Anyway, the man seemed happy in his position since every single one of us sidestepped off the street to avoid him (seriously!).

2. The word DIRTY and BLACK brought something to mind. This is off-topic but I thought of this a while ago. Someone from our office told this story yesterday:

A mother and her daughter (both adults) were in a New York subway, I think. They were commuting. Anyway, the mother saw a really dark guy..
 Mom: “Anak, tingnan mo yung lalaki o. Ang pangit pangit. Ang itim grabe. Sobra.”
 Daughter: “Ma, ‘wag ganun.” (Trying to make mom shut up.)
 Mom: “Hindi e, ang pangit. Mukha siyang unggoy!”
  Etc, etc, etc.
So, what happened next was, I think the man they were talking about met a friend.
 Friend: “Pare! ‘Musta na?”
 Man: “Eto! Mukhang unggoy!”

Waaaaaa. Embarassment!

Going back to my walk/stroll/whatever…

3. A guy selling taho went, “TAHO!”
When I passed him, pointedly ignoring him, he said, “Hi, Ma’am.”
Now, when people say that, it’s either a) MANIAC, b) really just POLITE, c) it’s a NECESSITY.
Now the TAHO guy..I couldn’t decide if he was an a or a b.. Point is, I was in a good mood so if he was an a, it didn’t dampen my mood at all.

4. Near Hyatt, BDO Mabini area, water splashed on my face. Ack! Akward sentence. Anyway, I have no idea where it was from and I didn’t check.

5. The whole 10-minute walk/stroll/whatever was fun and invigorating (if we forget the pollution, stink, and possible hold-uppers and kidnappers and slashers lurking in every corner). I had warmed up a bit by the time I got to the hotel.

Later, on my way home, I’m contemplating walking back. It’s just scary though. Dark. The “girls” are out. Dark.



~ by rach124jc on October 15, 2008.

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