Scene Shame

Yesterday, because I was just SO sleepy, I missed something I-can-tell-to-other-people. Here’s what happened.

For some reason, everyone of us in the jeepney (I was going to Hyatt) at Padre Faura Street was wondering why there was heavy traffic. It was something unusual. The not-so-good part here is that I was SO sleepy, I decided to just close my eyes for a few minutes and sleep off some of my grogginess. Instead of just sleeping lightly for a couple of minutes, I really did fall asleep.

When I woke up, we were already moving, and I saw the end of a police barricade (the yellow CAUTION banner thing blocking the sidewalk) and people milling around a spot on the side of the street.

It turned out someone was gunned down, and died. While I disorientedly tried to figure out what happened, a kid in the jeepney asked his mom, “Anong nangyari?”

His mom replied, “May nabaril.”
“Siguro bad siya.” I mean, duh, how do you explain that to a child? He looked to be about kindergarten age.

Anyway, it was scary. I wanted to see the body, but then, again, there might be a lot of blood. Later that night, when I passed there again, I saw a little boy hunched on his legs, taking care of the candles marking the spot where the man (woman?) died.



~ by rach124jc on October 3, 2008.

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