Earthquake Experience

earthquake experience

It has always been one of my dreams (wooooow…) to experience an earthquake (double babaw). I want to feel the sensation of the ground shaking, the adrenaline rush (if there is one), and just the feeling of earthquakes (duh, whatever it’s supposed to be).

So, after 18 years of wishing (this is a joke), I finally felt my first earthquake. It was…creepy. L-O-L.
Here’s how and when it happened.

August 2007, HSBC.

I was at work, as usual, conveniently located in the 9th floor of the building. Sometimes, I get migraine and headaches from straining my eyes and being in front of the computer for too long.

So, when the earthquake occurred, I wasn’t aware of it. My first thought was that I was finally getting dizzy, everything was taking its toll on me. I was actually starting to panic, not because of the ground shaking, but because I thought I might go blind, or faint there, and just..die. Lol.

I could see my feet swirling, the chairs moving, it was like the whole world was trembling. My seatmate was like, “Whoa, nahihilo ako.” It was then that I heard the others reacting, “Like, earthquake!!!” Lol. But it was a minor one, one that lasted less than a minute.

I did feel a sense of fear since we were located on the 9th floor, and the building would just collapse should the earthquake grow stronger.

Anyway, I didn’t like the feeling..because I felt dizzy. Like dizzying headache migraine type dizzy.

So, anyway, I got my second feel of an earthquake this morning.

At least I think it’s an earthquake.

Here’s what happened.

Since the Tullahan Bridge was being repaired (again!!!!), traffic was really heavy everywhere (it took us at least an hour and a half to get to Monumento from the house!!! My brother and I were late.. arg.). So..since traffic was heavy, I had a good rest (sleep) in the van.

In the van, I always prop my feet on the what-do-you-call-it protruding thing at the back of the driver and passenger seat, and I lower myself into the seat. So I look like a letter N italicized.

Anyway, at several points on the way to Monumento, I woke up to see ourselves still stuck in the middle of several queuing cars (in my total state of boredom, I took random pictures using my cellphone).

Suddenly, I felt the car shaking. It was swinging from left to right, since I could see my legs shaking, like a pendulum. At first, I though it was the engine of the car. But when I concentrated, it was really the car moving.

And then it stopped. I compared the motion of the car before and after..and my conclusion is that an earthquake occurred. I don’t think the driver and my brother noticed it because of the sitting position.


Scary though, especially when you think about how California is losing land mass through earthquakes and erosion.


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