Brand Bind

I had a “funny” yet arghh-why-are-you-like-that experience today while waiting for the LRT train to arrive at Monumento.

There were four girls (from an exclusive school) looking down at the side of the station and talking. The train seemed to take a while to arrive and I was getting were they. At one point, an announcement was made (*sigh* again), “Calling the technician..please proceed to the…”

One of the girls said something like, “Haynako, yan nanaman. Yan nagpapatagal sa akin e.”

Another piped up, “Parang..calling the owner of a black Volvo..kay Sir. Haha..”

Girl number 3 asked, “Mahal ba ang Volvo?”

Girl number 2 said, “Oo kaya.. LAXURY car yun e.”

I’m like… whaaaaat.. okay, they had slight Filipino accents when they spoke English words, but that was waaaayyy bad.. LAXURY car. Ugggh. My ears bled. Ew.

Anyway, girl number 3 replied, “Ahhh..okay. Sa SLEX kasi may nakita ako Volvo..pero anu sya.. yung tagagawa ng kalsada..”

I’m like, okay.

Laxury car. Ugh.


~ by rach124jc on September 23, 2008.

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