Wrinkle Woes

I was riding the jeepney this morning to Hyatt, looking at the

passengers inside. I have become an even more paranoid person since

I’ve had a lot of unfortunate experiences as a commuter (hold-up,

slash, etc.). Because of that, it has become a habit to check out the

people I’m with wherever I go. I only feel safe when I’m with someone

I know, no matter how close we are.

So, I was looking, and there, near the end of the jeepney, was a

very, very, very, very (times ten to the millionth power times) old

lady, with lots and lots and lots and lots and lots (times a ten to

the millionth power times) of wrinkles. She was so thin, she looked

like a skeleton wearing a skin outfit. It was creepy yet fascinating.

I couldn’t look away; I just stared at the contours and outline of

her bones and how the skin seemed to sag around the bones.

It was so weird that you could see her as a skeleton. Even her face

was so dry and thin and sallow that by looking closely, you could see

the outline of her skull and imagine how she would look like without

the skin (and blood and those gory stuff..lol).

I was planning to sneak out my phone and take a picture (subtly, of

course), but unfortunately (for me; fortunately for her), she went

down just a few blocks after I got on.

Oh well. My first thought after looking at her was that.. am I going

to be like that someday?


~ by rach124jc on September 19, 2008.

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