Whistle Woes

It’s funny how sometimes I think I’m such a weird person..(wait,

let’s make that unique). I do stuff (at least I think I do) that no

one else does, I think like no one else does, and I feel or hear

stuff I don’t think people care much for (scary).

Here’s an example.

I always get so irritated when I’m getting down the LRT at U.N. Ave.

Keywords: guard. whistle. loud. shriek. ear. deaf.

To explain, when I get down, I go left to where the turnstiles and

exit are. But. BUT. The guard who directs and monitors the people

going in the train is on the left side too. So I have to pass behind

or at least near him/her. What hurts is that the guards don’t seem to

have sensitivity to the passengers. We pass. They blow their

whistles. LOUDLY. The shrieking whistle sound that pierces through

your earwax and ear whatsits and strikes the very core of your

eardrum. Imagine the ringing pain at the end, vibrating through your

ear to your head, thereby resulting to a very massive migraine. Take

note, this is EARLY in the morning.

The weird part? The other women (and men) don’t seem to care. I

frown, squint my eyes from the sudden shriek of the whistle, and

everyone else either do not care or prefer to show no emotion. I

mean, no one reacts.

Lately, what I do is when I near the guard, I put a finger in my ear

so that when he/she blows the whistle, I’m ready. What’s funny is

that all these weeks that I’ve been passing here and observing

people’s reactions, it was only today that I saw another woman

holding a finger to each ear to dispel some of the sounds coming from

the whistle. It must have been funny seeing the both of us like that.

Guess what. The guard didn’t blow her whistle.



~ by rach124jc on September 19, 2008.

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