Daily Dose. [Again.]

It was funny. A few days ago..my memory sucks so bad already..I think it was yesterday or two days ago..I was, as usual, in my usual area in my usual ride to work, which is the usual LRT. And as usual, technical problems came up during the ride. As usual, I was sleeping deeply, but not deep enough that I didn’t notice the usual unfortunate occurrence.

So.. I was there, jolted awake, because the LRT had stopped at the Blumentritt station. The driver was announcing the usual thing–“technical problems” whatever blah. So since I was early, I didn’t really panic..yet. I went back to sleeping. I woke up once in a while and well, after 10-20-30 minutes, we were still stuck in the same station. At one point, I noticed that the girl to my left kept texting. She never took her hands off her phone. The whole time in the LRT, she was just texting and texting and texting.

This is what I deduced from observing her (I was sleepy and bored).
 1. She is studying at La Salle. (Evidences: a. she took out her LRT card, counted how many stations were left till Vito Cruz [9] and texted that to her textmate; b. her outfit seemed La Sallian; c. I don’t think there are other schools in Vito Cruz where student wear civilian outfits.)
 2. She was probably using Globe UNLITXT or Sun. I mean, she had like, 4 or 5 textmates at the same time.
 3. Her class was probably at 0800am. She was getting late. It was already around 0745 at that time. (Evidences: a. she was getting pissed. She kept making this “ts ts” sound and texting vigorously. [F! P!]; b. [I remember the date now] it was a Wednesday and I know for a fact that classes are usually at 0800am during MWF.)

The funny part really is this: [Lol, now we get to it.]
A few minutes after had been stuck in Blumentritt, there was an announcement at the station–“Code Yellow-Blue.” Now, I have no idea how bad that is. I only know that Code Red is scary (rallies, fire, etc.) I think Code Yellow-Blue is a bit bad because some people got off the train after the announcement was made. I started to panic (just about 20% of me). Options ran through my head–go down, ride a jeep to Padre Faura, or wait it out since it was a bit early anyway. A few minutes later, the announcement was reiterated. More people left the train.

I could sense the girl next to me struggling with decisions as well. She was going to be late and couldn’t decide whether to wait it out or go down the station. After a few *agonizing*(?) minutes, she got up and went down. She seemed a bit rude too, pushing people to get off the train.

Now comes the funny part. Sorry..Lol. It wasn’t even three minutes (at least I think so) later that another announcement was made (some ladies ran to the LRT, one saying, “..buti nalang di tayo bumaba.. sabi ko na e..”), one I didn’t hear so well, but seemed positive. It turned out everything was fine already, and the train went on its way.

I felt sorry for the girl. Lol. But wait, there’s another funny part.

At U.N. Ave., I furtively pushed and tried to get off the train with my extrememly huge bag. Guess what? At the door of the LRT, waiting for those who were going down to get down before she went in (lol confusing), was the La Salle girl. And.. she pushed me (just slightly, with a hint) as she tried to go in.

Lol. Funny. She went down Blumentritt to probably ride a jeepney or FX, and ended up in U.N. Ave., on the exact same train that she was originally in.

Must be tiring for her. Wrong choice made. It really does pay to be early.=P


~ by rach124jc on September 18, 2008.

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