Daily Doses

Highlights of the morning (take note, these occurred in only an hour’s time):

1. Woke up, surprised. For some reason, I sat up, disoriented. Weird. Another weird–I woke before the alarm. Actually, more like..woke up exactly on the time the alarm was supposed to ring. I picked up my phone, looked at the time (0600am), and thought, Here it goes. After a few seconds, it rings. Aaarg. Meaning I have 15-20 minutes more to sleep. Hihi.


2. Slept nicely throughout the LRT ride. Groggy when I got off at U.N. Ave.


3. While walking towards Padre Faura Street, a jeepney almost, really just almost, splashed puddles on me..the way cars do when they drive fast through water. It was so close, I could kill the driver if he actually did wet me. (Joke.)


4. Still on the way to Padre Faura, I had to pass the entrance/exits of the Supreme Court (Right?). Anyway, one of the gates opened ahead and taxi pulled out. Before the taxi had fully pulled out, the driver had let other pedestrians cross. I didn’t reach it in time, so naturally, I was going to cross that area after the taxi had passed. Even though I was *delusional* and groggy with sleep, I saw the second taxi come out. And what better word than “bastos” could describe the driver? Sobrang bastos. He clearly saw me about to cross, pressed on the gas. Good thing I was a bit alert and was able to stop on time. He didn’t even care! He just went ahead. I even think he snickered or something. The nerve.


5. So I did get to Padre Faura and into a jeepney whole. Things seemed to get weirder and scarier though. On the way to Hyatt, a dog (a big one) started barking and really running. I mean, he was so fast and concentrated. He caught up with a man wearing pants that he had pulled up to his knees (it was raining), a t-shirt, and trying to open (or close?) a red umbrella. I remember the umbrella because the color stood out. Lol. Anyway, the dog caught up to him, barking wildly and madly, as if the man was a thief or something. The jeepney moved on so I couldn’t see what happened. It was scary. The dog seemed so mad.


6. Still in the jeepney, a woman got on. I don’t know if she could be considered a squatter, but she was dark-skinned and wearing just a tank top and cropped pants. She didn’t bring an umbrella, so she was wet from the rain. Anyway, my first impression was a squatter, but not really a bad one. Anyway, a few minutes after she got on, she suddenly shouted (out of the blue), “Hoy, __ anung ginagwa mo dyan?” I forgot the name of the person. I think it was a Tina. Anyway, I got startled because a) her voice was loud, b) her voice was deep, c) she really was scary.


7. When I got to the office, I went straight to the shower area to wash my feet and slippers. Argh. Good thing I was wearing black cropped pants, but the edge of the pants were dirty. Waaaa.


Now, for some parting words. I’m hungry. I want siomai. Oh yeah, try Master Siomai. Lol. They can be found like, in almost all or near LRT stations. Lol.




~ by rach124jc on September 11, 2008.

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