Photography Pains

Focus. Click. Flash.


Okay, some people would probably say I’m being naive about this. (I know someone how would. Hehe.) I like taking photographs, but I’m not really into the professional photography kind of thing. Ye, I get interested, but I’d rather stick to the basics–look for a good angle, focus, shoot. If it doesn’t work, macro, or whatever mode works best, and try again.


And.. whoa, boy, do professional photography equipment cost. I mean, whoa. Like, wow. Lol. A camera..Php40-80,000. That’s not enough. We have the flash. The battery grip. The lenses. The lenses. Php90,000. PhpX million bucks.


And..I still can’t get the use and difference of ISOs, flash whatever, the angle whatever.. okay, call me an amateur. I would love to learn, but can’t I just stick to good ol’ Canon Ixus and start flashing? Lol.=)


~ by rach124jc on September 10, 2008.

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