Line Letdown

This is somehow connected to my previous post (lol forgot the title–about the lady in the LRT who ruined my morning). Something about the “pag-aasenso ng Pilipinas” and “mga tao parang walang pinag-aralan.”


So, here goes. Last night, I commuted home from the office (well, duh). The last leg of my journey consists of walking through the Karuhatan marketplace and then riding a jeepney to Bible Street, then walking home. So I was there, in the line to buying a “chit/ticket” for the jeepney (kailangan e lol). Usually, here, some people would create a second line, and I was on the verge of making a second line last night. I was planning to, since I already had my change in hand, but then I saw that there was only one person on the desk. So I refrained, since it would only cause chaos.

Suddenly, the woman behind me went ahead (there was me and another man in front of her) and got her “chit/ticket.” She was with a friend (I guess) and she bought two. The friend probably wasn’t used to it, or was nice, and I think he pointed to me because she had cut in front of me. All the while, I was staring daggers (glaring is the right word) at her back. I wanted to shout “Hoy, may pila dito. Pano naman aasenso bansa natin kung pila pa lang di mo na magagawa? Taba taba mo pa.”  (Which is true, she looks the typical schoolteacher with thick *red* frames.)

So anyway, after her friend gestured to me, she just brushed it off and said, “Ok lang yan.” I’m like. WHAT? That’s what you think? I don’t think so. What if I was the one who cut in front of you. Magiging ok lang ba yan sayo???


Okay, I’m done with the story.=)


Going to a different topic, I haven’t had a long weekend in a long time (I work Saturdays too, sad) and the recent Monday holiday was a much-needed and well-enjoyed time out.=)


~ by rach124jc on August 28, 2008.

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