Women Wiles

Yesterday, at the LRT, something happened that, I don’t know…made me feel, pissed, disappointed, etc.

Okay, so when riding the LRT at Monumento, I don’t go straight to the side of Monumento-Baclaran.

I go to the Baclaran-Monumento side. This is only allowable to females at a specific time (6-9am?). So we’re guaranteed seats and when the passengers at the Monumento-Baclaran enter the train, we’re already seated. That’s the advantage. This disadvantage is that you shouldn’t go to that side if you’re in a hurry, because it takes up at least 10 minutes of your time.

So, yesterday, we were there, a large group of women, waiting for the next train to come in from 5th Avenue. When they train was entering the station, the guard shouted for us to wait, and not go to the doors yet, so that the passengers could exit (safely). So, the doors opened, the guard was untying the rope so we could pass…

…the woman nearest the rope went under the rope and started running towards the train.

I mean, come on. I saw irritation flashed on the guard’s eyes when the woman just went ahead. I got irritated too. Think about it, everyone keeps saying there’s no order, no peace, no system..when they themselves do not do anything about it.

The impatient woman going ahead triggered something bad, too. Once she started running, the other women went under the rope and started running too. I mean, some people are just so hypocritical (forgive me for the word, I’m not specifying anything). They say, “Parang wala ka namang pinag-aralan,” or “Ayusin mo naman,” etc…But when situations like that happen, they’re the ones who start or join in.


How will we move forward…


~ by rach124jc on August 15, 2008.

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