Klutzy Kid

was it because of my klutzy-ness that this happened to me?

around 0745am

I was sitting, being sleepy in the LRT. Getting off soon at U.N. Ave.

around 0755am

Walked past the turnstiles of the LRT, going down the stairs. It’s raining. Took umbrella out of my bag. Opened it.


Next thing I know I was like, “Shoot,” and I was sitting on the stairs.

I had slipped. Wearing house slippers (they were suddenly slippery) and white pants. I slipped on mud-caked and wet stairs. Aaaarg. The funny thing was, two women in front of me received the domino effect. Lol. One fell too, I think. Hahahaha. Joke.

Anyway, someone helped me up from behind. She was so nice, “Ok ka lang?” I wanted to cry. Lol. Good thing I still had my dignity and didn’t look “unpoised” when I fell. Haha. So, I stood up (with a sore butt and sore palms) and walked (limped) down the rest of the stairs and out to Padre Faura.

around 0805am

Got down jeepney, walking towards Hyatt. Trying to cover my lower part of my body. I knew my white pants were ruined. Sloshed around in the puddles. Ew.

presently, 0901am

In the office. Thinking how I’m going to get home later. Lol. With mud-covered white pants. Oh well. I’ll survive. *Sigh*

I always do.

Another story to file in my collection of commute stories.


~ by rach124jc on August 15, 2008.

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