Monday Madness

For some reason, I feel really tired.

I found out why when I got to the office.

Highlights of this morning:

1. I was really feeling sleepy today (considering I slept early last night and woke up later this morning), which meant my head was pounding, which meant I was dizzy and feeling a headache coming. When I got off the LRT at U.N. Ave, I felt all disoriented. I probably looked delusional and insane. Lol.

So I was walking my usual route to Padre Faura St. where I would ride a jeepney to Hyatt. I couldn’t think, wasn’t thinking anything, I was just walking the same road. It was like my mind was fuzzy, and my feet were automatically taking me to the corner.

Suddenly, I accidentally kicked a huge rock, which jolted me for a bit. I was looking at the rock while walking at my usual fast speed, and then I looked at my shoes for any sign of dirt from kicking at the rock. When I finally looked ahead again, I almost hit this antenna post. Good thing I had quick reflexes (wehhh) so I was able to stop on time. It felt really, really, really weird.

2. When I got down from the stop, I was walking towards Hyatt and saw two really crazy, dirty black squatters walking. They seemed crazy because one of them was screaming. They carried some stuff in bags, so they looked pretty scary, which made me make my fast speed even faster. Lol. That sentence didn’t make much sense. But you get the point.

3. Again, while walking towards Hyatt, I saw a janitor (?) near the bushes picking at something with what looked like tweezers. I saw him pick something up–something furry and brown and big. He dropped it and picked it up again. I didn’t want to see him see me staring so I went ahead. When I looked back, he was throwing the thing in the trash. Rat, perhaps? Or a mouse? Ew.

So now, I’m in the office, feeling really, really, really, really sleepy. I wanna watch a movie or something.


~ by rach124jc on August 11, 2008.

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