Cinderella Coolness

I love it. I love it! I love it!!!

Okay, I’m a really huge fan of musicals (i.e., The Sound of Music I love), but I never got to see much (financial matters), so when I got this chance to see Cinderella, I wanted to and I cherished every single scene.

We were fortunate because we got the last available 4 seats in a row (which was way back in the last row–orchestra–and to the rightmost side). Still, the view was okay, the angle was fine, and it really was comfortable and enjoyable.

Here are some highlights of the show (**warning: may contain spoilers and oversappy and cutish comments):

1. Before we were seated inside the auditorium, I went to the lower ground floor of CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines, where the show was being held) to buy a drink. There were a lot of people there–they seemed to be VIPs because they were wearing name tags and seemed “sosyal.” (Not that I really cared, I just wanted my iced tea and go back up because it was stifling hot downstairs.)

So I was there walking towards the table where manang was selling drinks and food. Unfortunately, I couldn’t yet buy because there was a mother (a seemingly VIP person) with her (?) three daughters buying stuff. They were taking forever. So while I was impatiently standing there waiting, a guy cut in and greeted the mother. They started talking, which made my wait longer. By then, I was feeling really hot and getting irritated. I just wanted my iced tea!

What I wished (wishing–just like Cinderella.:) ) was that the three daughter would just quit chatting (Englisera pa) and giggling (aaaggggghhh!!!) by the table and quit hogging the table because they weren’t even buying anything! They were just waiting for their *mother*. They could’ve at least given consideration to others and gave us *me* room.

After what seemed like 15 minutes, the mother was finally satisfied with her order, her change, and whatever stuff she was trying to get over, and they left, in a line–like a mother hen or duck and her chicks and ducklings. I didn’t want to budge from my spot, so for them to pass, they either had to squeeze themselves between me and the table, or go around to the other side of me (which is longer). As I expected the mother went straight between me and the table even hitting my shoulder, as if I wasn’t there.

What got me really pissed was the way they felt every inch like the VIP. I mean, okay, you’re the VIP. You have some form of recognition. You’re rich. You’re Chinese. There should be enough respect to at least give way to others as well. Arg, I feel mad. Whoo. Breathe in, breathe out. Okay, I’m cool. Next!

2. Okay, so when the play started, ojnA had brought along a Snickers bar. (This is supposed to be a *secret*.) In CCP, no food and drinks are allowed inside. So, when the bar was finished, crumpling it made a very loud and noise crunchy sound, they way plastics do. A few minutes later, he handed the plastic to me, and I crumpled it even more.

Unfortunately, there was an usherette near us, as in 3 seats away from me. She leaned over asking who had food. We (*I*) were too far away to hear what she was saying, so we pretty much ignored her. Fortunately. It was only later that we learned what she was saying.

Just something to talk and laugh about.:)

3. Something scary. Worrisome. After the intermission, of course, the audience were hurrying to get back to their seats. However, tragically, there was a very old lady who was one of the last to go back to her seat. Note that the setup in CCP is diagonal–it slants down from the top, so to get down there are several steps. The tragic thing was that the old lady, or probably her companion (who seemed to be her daughter), hadn’t seen the steps very well, and both tumbled. Literally.

I think the old lady even rolled a bit. I was hoping she hadn’t hit her head on the seat next to her. Anyway, to make it short, she could barely move for a few minutes. Two seats away from me was a really huge man who seemed to be a doctor because after a few minutes of waiting, it seemed no one knew what to do with the old lady. She was still on the ground, and I had thought she was unconscious. The doctor then stood up and went to check the old lady’s condition.

It was a long time before someone brought a wheelchair, and it took about 3 people to pull the old lady up and put her in the wheelchair. During those times, I missed a few parts in the play because I couldn’t stop looking at what was happening. Still, in the end, the old lady seemed fine (but I don’t think she would be able to walk for a while), and she watched the rest of the musical in the wheelchair with her daughter (?) by her side.

Scary, but at least she’s okay.

4. Something funny happened in the play. There were actually a lot of kids watching. In the near end parts of the show, there was a kissing scene between Cinderella and Prince Christopher (I wish I could remember his whole name, haha–Francois, Reginald, Herman). It was a bit long (lol) and a kid, out of the blue, went “Eww!” It seemed the whole theatre went silent and the audience tittered and laughed. It was actually quite cute.

5. Speaking of cute, I absolutely cannot get over the cuteness of the two little mice. They were just stuffed toys tied to sticks and controlled by two men. I mean, they were just so cuuuuute, especially in the first part where they came out talking to Cinderella, and later on when they were part of a song (they were dancing!).

Cuuute. I can’t describe them here so I don’t know, watch it so you’ll know. Lol.

After the play, the mice toys were being sold outside, and for some reason, I acted like a kid, wanting one. Hehe.:D But they’re expensive, and might look a bit scary. They’re just cute on-stage, so I’ll leave them in my memories.:D

6. All in all, the whole musical was just romantic. Sweet, cute, funny, all in one. Some of the lines were a bit sappy, but it made me feel like I wanted to become a princess again. Wear beautiful gowns. Have a sparkling diamond tiara on my head. Dance the night away.

7. While we were eating dinner after the show, it turned out that it was Lea Salonga at the whole musical. Which is nice. Worth every cent. It also made the experience truly magical, knowing it was all her. It was amazing though, to see how the change happens so quick. She runs behind the carriage in rags and comes back out wearing a gown. Later, she runs behind a pillar in the gown and emerges half wearing the gown and the rags, goes behind a pillar again and emerges in rags. Cool.

So, it was like that. I really, really enjoyed the play. I even joked to onjA that we watch it again next week. Lol. At Php2,500 per person. I don’t think so. Lol.:)

Wishlist–the soundtrack. I wanted to buy one yesterday, but was a bit short. I’ll buy it someday. *Sigh*

One word–magnifique! Très très magnifique.


~ by rach124jc on August 11, 2008.

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