Unnecessary Uncorteousness

Yesterday, a minor incident ruined my mood for about… 5 minutes. Lol. Situations like that are easily forgotten for me. Haha.

So, around 0800am in the morning, I was getting off the LRT at UN Ave station. Now, normally, on a weekday at around this time, the train is still packed. Most of the people get off at Gil Puyat and Edsa. So, at UN Ave, there was still a substantial amount of people inside. Anyway, most of the time, I’m seated since I ride at the first station.

So, there the LRT was, moving into the station. I stood up, getting ready to leave. Actually, I just stood up. I couldn’t move towards the door because there were too many people. When the doors opened, we started filing out. I was one of the last since my seat was near the middle of the train. On my way out, there was a woman, pissed, saying, “Sana pag alam nyo na bababa na kayo, lumalapit na kayo sa pinto. Hindi yung tatayo lang pag nandyan na…”

That made me pissed instantly. If I had more guts or were someone else, I would probably have retorted something like, “Excuse me, alam mo ba kung gaano kasikip sa loob? Ilang taon na ako sumasakay ng LRT, alam ko naman ang dapat gawin. Eh kung masikip talaga, wala ka nanamang magawa e.” I mean, what the heck. She didn’t have to be so rude. I mean, yeah, go ruin someone’s day.

I really get pissed at people like that. I mean, it’s not like we don’t know what we’re supposed to do. If circumstances really are like that, we really can’t do anything.

I pray for people like that–we should always remember to think positively, and not let little things like that get in the way.


~ by rach124jc on July 23, 2008.

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