Movie Madness

Yesterday, watched “The Dark Knight” with Anjo and the guys.

Love it.

The sucky part, though, was that we watched at Trinoma, which was really, really, really packed considering it was a weekend and the movie has just started showing. We got the best seats in the house, which made it better–first row, right below the screen, in the middle. I liked the movie, but the intense discomfort made it hard to fully enjoy the movie.


I had a crick in my neck and a major migraine after the movie. Lol. All I wanted to do then was sleep. Still, the movie left me with a lot of questions and curiosity–the mixture of action, suspense, thrill, darkness, and mystery got me really interested. The morbid-ness and situation in Gotham was scary, though, as if one day any of our cities could become like that.


~ by rach124jc on July 21, 2008.

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