Seniority Sadness

One thing that really gets to me is old people working.

Just a week or two ago, I was waiting near DLS-CSB AKIC and I saw an old man selling ice cream–the one with the cones and breads. It was an exceptionally hot day and the old man was thin and stooped already–but he was working, carrying, and pushing the ice cream cart.


A man stopped him to buy ice cream. I noticed the old man’s hands were shaking slightly while getting ice cream, and his movements were slow.


Another scenario was in a jeepney that I was riding. The driver was already old–way old that he should have been retired already–and at one point, the jeepney stopped. I don’t remember if it was because of a bad tire, but we had to get off and change jeepeneys, which meant the driver had to give back our fares–or a part of it. I chose to just go because people like him should not be working anymore. A mere 7pesos would be big for him, and I chose to help, since with problems in his jeepney, he woulnd’t be able to earn money for a while.


Poverty is so rampant, but it is just sad to see how many of our senior citizens are still working as if they were in their 30s or 40s, despite their conditions. Don’t they have children or relatives who could care for them? In the sweltering heat, it sometimes seems so pitiful to see them working so hard–harder than many of the present generation.


Sometimes, I jsut want to–if I was rich–give away money to them–tell them to take a break, enjoy the day, instead of toiling so hard.


Everyone needs a break. We should continue to pray and help out really.


~ by rach124jc on July 16, 2008.

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